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Located in the subtropical zone, Taiwan is run by high mountains extending from the north to the south. High mountains are usually wrapped by clouds, which is optimal for tea growth. In 1896, 12,786 tons of Oolong tea, known as Formosa tea at that time, was initially exported to New York, USA. Americans were surprised by its flavor and convenience, and thus Taiwanese tea formally entered the international market. In the following century, many prestigious tea shops in the Taipei Basin trained a lot of tea production and baking experts under the huge market demand. After years of restless efforts on tea culture, Taiwanese tea is now known and preferred across the world.

General Preparation Procedure

Inject boiling water into the teapot, and pour off the water when the teapot is fully heated.
Add tea into the pottery teapot until it covers the bottom, 1/5 of the total volume.
Fill 90% of the pottery teapot with boiled water in a temperature optimal for the specific tea.
Pour the tea from the teapot into the teacup and the smelling cup immediately to warm the cups.

Add boiling water to the teapot again. Cover the lid and pour the tea in the teacup and the smelling cup thoroughly over the teapot.
After the extraction time optimal for different kinds of tea, ranging from 30 seconds to 1 minute, fill the smelling cup with the tea.
Then move the tea from the smelling cup to the teacup. And wait until it cools down to the best temperature for drinking.
Enjoy the fragrance of tea left in the empty smelling cup.
Drink the tea.

Repeat the same for the second round. Add boiling water, wait for your favorite flavor, and pour it into the teacup.

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