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Q & A about Tea

I love the tea flavor when I drink the tea in the store, but why isn’t it the same when I drink at my home?
The tea is the same, but why doesn’t it taste the same? It is resulted from the quantity of tea, the temperature of the water and the covering time. Our professional staff will offer you with the optimal quantity, temperature and time. And it is critical to remember the three points when you do it at home, that is, the proper quantity, at the best temperature for the variety, and for the proper time.
How to store tea?
The shelf life of tea is around 1 year. In its original package, it can be stored in the refrigerator for a long time. However, whenever it is unsealed, it shall be stored in airtight condition, avoiding light, humidity and heat. As the tea grows old, its flavor and fragrance will fade. Thus please try to consume it within 3 months.
Why does the price of tea differ?
The price of tea is related to the factors of season, altitude, origin and production techniques. It is said that the tea produced in spring has the best flavor, while that in winter has the best fragrance. The products of these two seasons are of the highest quality. In addition, altitude influences the strength of tea. The higher the altitude, the stronger and the more refined the tea will be. High mountain tea is regarded as first class. And the tea nourished by organic fertilizer is of better fragrance than that by chemical fertilizers. What’s more, the processing technique is also vital. For well-baked tea, as soon as boiling water is added, the leaves will naturally open and the water will become clear without sediment. Therefore, the price of tea is determined by all these factors.
Any tips for tea purchase?
We focus on quality, so leave the job to us. We only offer the tea of the best quality. However, we still have a few tips for you. Some stores may sell tea with artificial flavor, and it is difficult to recognize real tea by its fragrance only. So we have to depend on our taste. First of all, when the tea is soaked in boiling water, it smells different from natural tea. And after several rounds, the artificial fragrance will disappear, while the fragrance of natural tea will remain after 5 or 6 rounds. You can rest assured to purchase any kind of tea that we offer.
Is there any difference between ceramic and pottery teapots?
Plain pottery teapots are generally applied in tea shops across Taiwan. Pottery tools can reserve and increase the fragrance and flavor of the tea, and are suitable for High Mountain Oolong, Tieguanyin, Puer and other varieties of strong flavor, while ceramic teapots will not affect the taste and texture of the tea, and are suitable for Jasmine Tea, tea bags and other fragrant types. In addition, we can also appreciate the movement of flower tea and craft tea in a transparent glass.
Does Chinese tea still taste good even if it turns cold?
It is generally drunk hot. However, in particular in summer, people want to drink cool tea. It is fine to store the hot tea in the refrigerator for later enjoyment. But don’t keep it too long and try to finish it the same day, because its fragrance will fade.
How can I clean a teapot?
Since pottery teapot will easily absorb the tea flavor and fragrance, don’t clean it with detergent. When cleaning, first remove the residue in the teapot and wash it with boiled water only. If the tea sediment is your concern, heat the entire teapot with boiling water and rub it with a soft cloth, which will easily remove the dirt. However, it is fine to leave some to improve the tea flavor.
How many rounds can I add of boiled water?
Japanese tea is the strongest in the first round, and will fade later, while Chinese tea features a pleasant flavor even in the 2nd or 3rd round. The third round is considered the best one, for its fragrance and freshness. However, it depends on your preference. Normal tea can take 5-6 rounds, standard products around 7-8 rounds, and high-end products over 10 rounds.

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