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Introduction to our shop’s product range. For enquiries and purchase of our goods, please use the following telephone, fax or e-mail address listed on this page. After we receive your information, we will contact you with regard to the price and payment details.

TEL: +886-2-2542-7205
FAX: +886-2-2581-6629
E-mail: sstea@tpts6.seed.net.tw

Tea leaves

No.1[High Mountain/Dongding Oolong]
No.2[Oriental Beauty]
No.3[Wenshan Pouchong Tea]
No.4[Jasmine Tea]
No.6[Seven Fairies]
No.8[Sweet Tea]
No.9[Guava Tea (Guava Tea & Guava Leave Tea)]
No.10[Aged King Tea]
No.11[Fitness Tea]


No.12[Pineapple Cake]
No.14[Wild Mongolian Mushroom]
No.15[Oolong Plum]

Tea sets

No.16[Pattern of a white dragon in a blue sea./Tea filler/Ceramic teacup/Ceramic smelling teacup] No.17[Pattern of pa each tree./Ceramic cup with lid and plate.]
No.18[In the shape of a chicken/Ceramic teapot with filler] No.19[Pattern of blue waves and gray blossoms./Ceramic teapot./Ceramic teacup/Ceramic smelling teacup]
No.20[Teapot and cup made of clear heat-resistant glass/Pot made of clear heat-resistant glass./Teacup and plate made of clear heat-resistant glass] No.21[Pattern of a peach tree/Ceramic teacup/Ceramic smelling cup , Plain brown without pattern./Pottery teapot/Pottery pot , Bamboo tray]
No.22[(Product Set)Pottery teacup and plate. Dark brown with yellow Chinese characters. (6 pieces) , Dark brown with yellow Chinese characters/Pottery teapot/Pottery pot/Pottery tea boat/Plastic black pincer ,Red brown tea towel] No.23[(Product Set)Pottery teacup. Red brown without pattern. (6 pieces) Pottery teapot. Red brown with ribbon pattern. Red brown without pattern./Pottery pot./Pottery tea boat ,Plastic black tray/ Red brown tea towel.]
No.24[(Product Set)With lotus pattern./Ceramic teapot/With lotus pattern (2 pieces)] No.25[(Product Set)With killifish pattern/Ceramic teapot/Ceramic teacup(2 pieces)]
No.26[(Product Set)Brown without pattern/Pottery teapot/Brown without pattern(3 pieces)]  

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