[Seven Fairies]
Seven Fairies is a kind of craft tea, made by preparing and wrapping the tea leaves of the same length into a ball, with chrysanthemum and jasmine hidden inside. When water is added, first of all, the leaves open like a blossom, and gradually reveal the chrysanthemum and jasmine. Later, the beautiful tea ball slowly floats like a jasmine. It is surprising to see the blossoms in such a small tea ball, which looks like the Seven Fairies in folktales.
The fragrance of jasmine is repeatedly added to the tea, until the process stops. When drinking, your mouth will be full of a floral scent, as well as light sweetness, without bitterness. You may enjoy the artistic craft tea, while relaxing yourself. Use heat-resistant glass or a transparent container to appreciate it. Serve with boiled water at nearly 100 degrees and be patient.