[Oriental Beauty]
As one of the Oolong varieties, it was introduced to the United Kingdom in the 19th century and was named “Oriental Beauty”. The tea growers call it “Fanzhuang”, which is also known as “White-Sprout Oolong” due to its white sprout. The top quality product is Ponfentour. The tea is made of the tea sprouts with one stem and two leaves, after the fermentation in the secretion of Wenka, a kind of pest in rice fields. It is only produced in Beipu and Emei in Taiwan.
The tea is linear and naturally curved. Mixed with white, silver, yellow, red and brown, it turns red amber when soaked in boiled water, full of a fruity and sweet fragrance similar to grape or black tea. The taste stays in your mouth. It tastes sweet like honey and scented like black tea. Thus it is also known as “Oriental Black Tea”. 85 degrees is optimal.