[High Mountain Oolong]
High Mountain Oolong belongs to green tea, known as clear tea. The name comes from its tea gardens in Ali Mountain, Yu Mountain, Xue Mountain, Li Mountain and other mountains over 1,000M high, because the output decreases along with the altitude, and tea from a high altitude is regarded as a precious product. The climate in the high mountains is cool, misty in morning and at night, and a small on average amount of sunshine, which creates high quality tea with less bitter and astringent ingredients.
After processing, the tea is round, emerald green and smaller than other tea, offering a pleasant, smooth and elegant flavor, without bitterness. It is as fragrant as blossoms even through your throat. One of its features is that after several rounds, it is clearly golden. 100 degrees is optimal for this kind of tea.
[Dongding Oolong]
Originating in Mainland China, today, Dongding Oolong is the representative of Taiwanese tea. It grows in the broad surroundings of Luguxiang under Dongding Mount in the middle of Taiwan, the peak of which produces first-class tea. The tea is carefully processed and becomes high-end semi-fermented Oolong in round shape and bright green color. When soaked in boiled water, it turns golden. Dongding Oolong with sweet, soft, smooth and mild flavor is of the top quality, which makes you feel fresh and delicious. The fragrance is similar to orchid and sweet-scented osmanthus. As the round increases, it becomes more elegant and full of pleasure. Please use boiled water at about 100 degrees.