お店紹介Shengxiang Tea Shop has been in the tea trading business for over 20 years, since its opening in Taiwan in 1981. As many of our staff speak international, a number of customers, including Japanese businessmen and students in Taiwan have visited our Tea House and are interested in Taiwanese tea, and these customers have recommended more and more customers. After long-term communication, today, most customers become our good friends. Even if you don’t know anything about tea ceremony, it doesn’t matter. Whenever you visit our store, there will be a variety of customers sitting around tables and appreciating our tea, while learning and exploring the exciting world of tea.

お店紹介We offer all kinds of tea that our customers demand. For example, some of them focus on the most high-end varieties of tea, while some will buy whatever we have and are unlimited to the species, while still others are critical about the tools. We try our best to offer as many varieties as possible. Therefore, though most of the tea is sold in units of 100 grams, we also provide different teas in delicate and vacuum packages. We invite you to visit and taste, and don’t hesitate to tell us what you want. The taste of your favorite tea will give you more pleasure. In addition, we also offer plenty of tea tools designed for Chinese tea. Please feel free to contact us.

お店紹介Located at the intersection of Linsen North Road and Changchun Road, our store is a 10 minute walk away from Zhongshan Station of Metro Danshui Line, neighboring Regent Hotel, Ambassador Hotel, Royal Taipei Hotel, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store and other hotels and shopping centers, as well as a duty-free shop, restaurants, cinemas, bowling center and Billiards House, which creates busy traffic even at night. In order to accommodate more customers, we are open from 9:30a.m. to 11:00p.m. throughout the year, without holidays. No matter on weekends or at midnight, you may visit our store at any time, which is highly recognized by our customers. If you come to Taiwan, please take a rest at Shengshang Tea Shop and enjoy our enchanting tea.

お店紹介We accept New Taiwan Dollars, Japanese Yen, VISA, DC, AMEX and other credit cards for purchase. Or you may contact us by fax or telephone if you are unable to visit in person. Some of our staff speak English and they will immediately contact you about your order.

Address: 1F,No.52,Changchun Road,Taipei
Access: About 10 minutes walk from the Zhongshan MRT Station
Tel: +886-2-2542-7205
FAX: +886-2-2581-6629
E-mail: sstea@tpts6.seed.net.tw
Business hours: 9:30-23:00

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